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About Us

Friends helping friends improve their day with every refill.

The idea for Refill Coffee Cart really started with our own appreciation for coffee and the coffee drinking experience. We regularly make the time to go on coffee dates with our spouses, and at least monthly, gather with a living room full of people to talk over coffee. It was because of experiences like these that we began to really be impacted by the comforting power coffee can have on your day, and in some cases, your relationships. Have you ever noticed that when you have a cup of coffee with someone, even if it’s a stranger, it feels like you’re having quality time with them? We sure have

In August 2017, we began talks with one of our favorite local coffee spots, with hopes of joining them in the coffee service world. Instead, what came about was an opportunity to build on their already great ideas and create our own brand of bringing the community together over a cup of coffee.

We are excited have the opportunity to share the happiness of coffee with Knoxville, forging new friendships and supporting our local community. From using locally roasted coffee beans and milk from a local dairy to helping local non-profits raise money and partnering with local businesses to provide a coffee perk to its customers and employees, we are dedicated to being friends, helping friends improve their day with every cup of coffee.

Meet The Team

Adam Kennedy

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Amy Kennedy

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Chad Grennor

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