Collaborative Products That Include

Refill Coffee Cart Products


Dude, Uh, Tomorrow's Already the 10th Ivory Stout with Crafty Bastard Brewery

We brewed a custom batch of our powerful Cold Brew Coffee & Crafty Bastard Brewery used it to create a White Russian Ivory Stout. 


Photo credit to: Aw, Snap 


90's Pajama Party Brunch with Central Depot

In March 2020 we worked with Chef Lucas Trombley of Tako Taco & Central Depot to throw a party welcoming patrons back to Central Depot & to pay tribute to some of our favorite things from the 1990's. We decided to call the party the 90's Pajama Party Brunch.


Cold Brew Coffee Jelly

We provided our powerful cold brew coffee to It's All So Yummy Cafe in West Knoxville, Tennessee & they used it to make a jam that had a sweet fruity, & smooth coffee flavor. Along with the Cafe, we even created a breakfast event, A Delightfully Caffeinated Breakfast, where bagels with cream cheese & cold brew coffee jelly were the featured menu item.


Cold Brew Coffee Blonde With Elst Brewing Company

We brewed, kegged, & harnessed the power of our cold brew coffee for our friends at Else Brewing Company. Elst then created a blonde ale with a decadent coffee aroma & flavor. This Coffee Blonde has been available in the Elst taproom & in cans at various retail locations around Knoxville, Tennessee. 


Cold Brew Coffee Syrup with It's All So Yummy Cafe

For a VIP Yelp Knoxville event, It's All So Yummy Cafe made this versatile syrup with our cold brew coffee. This syrup was buttery enough to be used on pancakes & sweet enough to be used on ice cream. 


Refill Coffee Porter with Crafty Bastard Brewery

We brewed a special batch of cold brew that the mad scientists at Crafty Bastard Brewery used to create a porter with deep, rich notes of chocolate & dark fruit in a low ABV package. 


Basic Witch Nitro Ale with Crafty Bastard Brewery

We once again prepared a special batch of our Cold Brew Coffee for the team at Crafty Bastard Brewery. The Crafty team took our Cold Brew & paired it with spice additions, & real pumpkins.