Collaborative Products That Include

Refill Coffee Cart Products


Cold Brew Coffee Jelly

We provided our powerful cold brew coffee to It's All So Yummy Cafe in West Knoxville, Tennessee & they used it to make a jam that had a sweet fruity, & smooth coffee flavor. Along with the Cafe, we even created a breakfast event, A Delightfully Caffeinated Breakfast, where bagels with cream cheese & cold brew coffee jelly were the featured menu item.


Cold Brew Coffee Blonde With Elst Brewing Company

We brewed, kegged, & harnessed the power of our cold brew coffee for our friends at Else Brewing Company. Elst then created a blonde ale with a decadent coffee aroma & flavor. This Coffee Blonde has been available in the Elst taproom & in cans at various retail locations around Knoxville, Tennessee. 


Cold Brew Coffee Syrup with It's All So Yummy Cafe

For a VIP Yelp Knoxville event, It's All So Yummy Cafe made this versatile syrup with our cold brew coffee. This syrup was buttery enough to be used on pancakes & sweet enough to be used on ice cream. 


Refill Coffee Porter with Crafty Bastard Brewery

We brewed a special batch of cold brew that the mad scientists at Crafty Bastard Brewery used to create a porter with deep, rich notes of chocolate & dark fruit in a low ABV package. 


Basic Witch Nitro Ale with Crafty Bastard Brewery

We once again prepared a special batch of our Cold Brew Coffee for the team at Crafty Bastard Brewery. The Crafty team took our Cold Brew & paired it with spice additions, & real pumpkins.