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Uncertain Creativity: Hosted by Feral Giant

Uncertain Creativity is a video series, hosted by graphic design, illustration, & social media management company, Feral Giant. On Uncertain Creativity, Jody Collins, of Feral Giant, talks to people about how they are remaining creative, or if they're struggling to find creative motivation during the COVID19 pandemic.

In this episode, Adam, from the Refill Coffee Cart team, is the guest.

As you watch the episode, you may notice that Adam has some type of bandage on his left hand. That bandage is there because moments earlier, Adam was using a pair of scissors in a very foolish way.

Some of the topics discussed are:

- How Refill has changed how it's using social media during the pandemic

- How the Refill team is making coffee drinks at home, for themselves, with leftovers

- Shifting the business from selling drinks everyday from the Coffee Cart, to delivering, & shipping coffee all over the United States

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