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Have a Coffee Bar at Your Wedding

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Since 2017, a meaningful part of our business has been offering coffee bars at weddings, we refer to this service at Caffeinated Catering.

The most recent wedding that we were part of was in July 2020, in Knoxville, Tennessee, for an adorable couple named Sarah, & David. During the wedding we learned that several of David's closest friendships were forged in a coffee shop, & we were very enthusiastic about the coffee bean centerpieces on each of the tables.

Sarah learned about us through working with Angie Froemel, who runs Absolute Wedding Perfection. We've had the opportunity to work with Absolute Wedding Perfection on more than one occasion, & highly recommend them to anyone who is considering hiring a wedding planner. Angie, & Kenzie, have been constant communicators, & work hard to simplify processes for the better.

The wedding was at Jackson Terminal, & brunch was catered by All Occasion Catering. Also, a brunch wedding is super fun concept! Jackson Terminal made for a very easy location to load our equipment in, & out of. We were able to park within 20 feet of a ramp, with a forgiving incline, & the ramp lead right to a main entrance. Plus, the parking closest to Jackson Terminal is totally free on the weekend. The All Occasion Catering team, amongst other things, put together an omelet bar, & were very helpful in helping us find an optimal location to plug our equipment into.

For our service, we offered our full menu of hot, iced, & frozen drinks to the wedding guests. We even had the pleasure of serving the father-of-the-bride his very first caramel latte. We were very flattered when he recommended the same drink to his sister, & before the wedding was over, came to get a second caramel latte for himself. Plus, we even added a special drink to our menu, just for this wedding. We're always happy to come up with a unique menu item as an extra special treat when we do Caffeinated Catering.

We also had the chance to meeting the team that photographed all of the day's events, Sullivan Photography. The Sullivan Photography team were very kind, & clearly, very happy to be photographing all of the special moments of the day. If you look up Sullivan Photography's Facebook page, they even shared a few pictures from Sarah, & David's wedding.

Given the current concerns with COVID19, we also worked with Jackson Terminal, & Absolute Wedding Perfection to ensure the safety of everyone. Each guest, & vendor, had their temperature taken before entering the venue. Plastic shields were in place in front of our Coffee Cart, as well as the brunch menu items. Additionally. social distancing was practiced while guests stood in line for food at drinks. Here's a picture of us getting prepared to serve, you may be able to notice the plastic shield on the front of our Coffee Cart.

If you think it can be fun to have Refill Coffee Cart at your wedding, or any event your hosting, please feel welcome to ask us any questions about pricing, & availability. You can email us at, or you can click on the Caffeinated Catering tab on our website.

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