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Treating Customers, & Staff, While Following Safety Guidelines

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

In June 2020, we worked with Freedom Chiropractic to provide a caffeinated treat to their members, & staff.

During Freedom Chiropractic's morning office hours, we were able to park our Cart on Freedom's sidewalk, while still leaving ample room for folks to use the sidewalk, & ample room for us to serve hot, iced & frozen coffee drinks.

Freedom Chiropractic were such kind hosts, it's easy to understand why their members value their relationship with them so much. Freedom Chiropractic also went out of their way to ensure that we could follow all of the necessary health, & safety guidelines that are expected of food/beverage companies.

- There is now a protective, plexiglass shield that we've placed in front of our Cart

- Our baristas have always worn disposable gloves, & that procedure is certainly continuing. Now, if we have an additional teammate that is helping to take orders, that teammate wears disposable gloves, too.

- All teammates working at our Carts wear cloth face coverings

- We do our part to help maintain social distancing when people are ordering, waiting in line, or waiting for their drinks. Freedom Chiropractic were very thoughtful in helping us maintain social distancing, as well

- With our current equipment, we even make it possible for our barista to make a drink, then place it on one of our sanitized tables, at least 6 feet away. That way, people can come get their drink when they're ready, at a safe distance

Thank you again to our friends at Freedom Chiropractic for being so fun to work with.

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