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Appreciating Teachers with Caffeinated Catering at Webb School of Knoxville

Refill Coffee Cart at Webb School of Knoxville
Refill Coffee Cart bringing Caffeinated Catering to Webb School of Knoxville

In September we started talking with Webb School of Knoxville about bringing our Caffeinated Catering service to its campus to treat the faculty & staff. After a few planning emails we were able to determine a date & time that would work for everyone.

On a cool weekday morning we arrived at the Webb's lovely campus around 6:15a so that we could be ready to serve the faculty & staff by 7:15a. We were able to roll our Coffee Cart into a building & setup in a room that would not be used by teachers or students that morning. The room was more than big enough for us to maintain social distancing, while taking orders & making drinks.

Webb School of Knoxville, the host of Refill Coffee Cart's Caffeinated Catering service.
The sign in front of Webb School of Knoxville, which hosted Refill Coffee Cart's Caffeinated Catering service.

That morning we made over 100 drinks, which included a Butterscotch Frappe & Latte that is not typically part of our menu.

Our host from Webb was so helpful in planning out the details for our service, & everyone we met during our service was friendly & patient. Plus, we think everyone really did feel appreciated by getting a special, caffeinated treat.

Webb has been educating students in Knoxville, Tennessee for over 60 years. We learned that Webb believes that their "students deserve a dynamic, intentionally designed program that prepares them to think critically, communicate confidently, and lead honorably." Visiting Webb, & talking with members of their staff gave us an even greater appreciation for all of the effort they put into their students' experience at school


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