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Bringing Caffeinated Catering to the new student building at Fellowship Church

Refill Coffee Cart bringing Caffeinated Catering to Fellowship Church in Knoxville, Tennessee
Refill Coffee Cart serving at a church in Knoxville, Tennessee

We were very flattered that the CollegeLife group from Fellowship Church in Knoxville, Tennessee wanted to include our Caffeinated Catering service as part of it inaugural gathering at their new student building.

We're grateful to have had a friendship with the Fellowship Church team since 2018, bringing Caffeinated Catering to multiple events hosted by their Young Adult & leadership groups.

The CollegeLife group planned a worship service, & a moment to appreciate their new building, while following all of the recommended guidelines during the pandemic.

Refill Coffee Cart's Caffeinated Catering setup at Fellowship Church in Knoxville, Tennessee
Refill Coffee Cart's service setup at Fellowship Church

We were able to setup for our service outside, because all we need to be fully operational is a relatively flat surface & an electrical outlet. Being able to setup outdoors has been a big attribute of ours during the pandemic, as we need to avoid creating large gatherings of people indoors. Some other practices we used to ensure everyone's safety is the shield on the front of our Coffee Cart. The shield ensures that there was always a protective barrier between us & the people we serve. Additionally, we never directly touch the ingredients we are putting into drinks with our hands. We strategically use a number of spoons, stirrers, squeeze bottles, etc. to make sure all of our drinks are prepared safely. Furthermore, the equipment we use to prepare the drinks never leave our sanitized kitchen until it's time to drive to our next service.

The CollegeLife leaders encouraged everyone to "bring a mask & bring a friend", & show up to the CollegeLife building an hour before the worship service started. The CollegeLife leaders updated us prior to the service with the approximate number of people that would be attending, so we were well prepared to bring enough espresso, decaf espresso & cold brew. With that hour before the service, we served drinks, which gave everyone the opportunity to enjoy their drinks outdoors while socially distancing. We then served drinks after the service as people said their "goodbyes" & looked for a final boost of caffeine power for the drive back home.

As a team made up of folks who began to appreciate coffee during our college years, we certainly appreciate the coffee enthusiasm of the CollegeLife group.

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