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Give Your Friend A Caffeinated Gift

Amy & Chad from the Refill team with friends / taste-testers
Amy & Chad from the Refill team with friends / taste-testers

Nothing says “thanks for being a good friend” like a bag of super freshly roasted coffee. At least that’s what we thought when we created the custom Friendship Blend whole bean coffee.

How did we create it? Working with our roaster from Knox County, Tennessee, we selected several notes & flavors we enjoyed with beans from all over the world. Then, we invited a group of friends over to taste test our favorites. The winner was a blend of medium roasted beans from Central America that has flavors of cocoa, citrus, & happy high fives.

What are happy high fives? Friendship is full of high fives for so many different reasons. Your friend makes a witty joke, they need a high five. They get a promotion, a high five is in order. They are just a wonderful person who deserves the best, a high five it is. That is why the Friendship Blend contains notes of happy high fives.

What is so different about a bag of Refill coffee? We are glad you asked that. When you buy a bag of coffee off the shelf at a store, you have no idea how long it has been sitting there. When you order a bag of coffee from Refill, it typically gets roasted in a small batch the week you order, making it the freshest coffee you (or the friend you gift it to) have ever brewed at home. Not only are you supporting local with your purchase, you are also supporting organic, fairly-traded, sustainable coffee.

So if you are looking for a way to support local, find out what happy high fives taste like, or give a coffee-loving friend a gift that shows you care, look no further than a bag of Friendship Blend from Refill Coffee Cart this holiday season.

Picture courtesy of @jonathan_w_palmer on Instagram
Picture courtesy of @jonathan_w_palmer on Instagram

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