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Why We Say Refill Is Founded On Friendship

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We (Chad, Amy, Adam) say that Refill Coffee Cart is founded on friendship because we were all friends before we started Refill, & our enthusiasm for coffee put us into situations where we became closer friends. Our friendship, the daydreams we shared with each other about our ideal work situations, creativity, & what fun is to us all meshed together to create Refill Coffee Cart.

Here's a short of timeline of how our friendship grew, our meetups evolved, & how coffee was seemingly always present.

In 2014, Amy & Adam met & had their first date at Old City Java in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 2015, we all (Chad, Amy, & Adam) started spending time together at KBrew, which is very close to where we all live. We met at KBrew & talked for hours without an agenda, or a real reason to meetup. We just enjoy talking with each other & drinking coffee.

In February 2017, Amy took note that our larger friend group had not been meeting up as regularly as we did pre-2017, so she started organizing events at called "Coffee at the Kennedys". These events were monthly get-togethers where we, & other friends, talked about real life happenings & struggles. At the first event, Amy & Adam convinced everyone to try adding butter to their coffee. At subsequent Coffee at the Kennedys events, Amy & Adam would brew brands of coffee that no one had tried before. By September 2017, we were finalizing our business plan for Refill Coffee Cart before our other friends joined us for these monthly events. By November 2017, Refill Coffee Cart was out serving coffee in East Tennessee.

In March 2020 we started working with our favorite coffee roaster on creating an ideal coffee for the exact same type of situations where our friendship became stronger, our our appreciation for each other became more meaningful. We knew there were coffee flavors that could be powerful, yet easygoing & comfortable. We knew those flavors would be the go-to coffee for when you want to sit with your friends, talk for hours, & drink coffee that won't overwhelm you or leave too bitter of a taste in your mouth. That work produced Friendship Blend, which is emblematic of our eagerness to work together, & the types of feelings we want to evoke when we serve our coffee to you.

The power of friendship is immense & can lead to the establishment of some really fun things.

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