Oglewood Avenune's Grand Opening & Customer Appreciation

Refill Coffee Cart served at the grand opening of Oglewood Avenue's store

In October 2020, we got to work with Oglewood Avenue to help them celebrate the grand opening of their store & treat their customers to coffee.

Oglewood Avenue is The Modern Houseplant Boutique in Knoxville, Tennessee, located at 3524 North Broadway.

Oglewood Avenue is owned by Jade Adams, who began the businesses by hosting pop-up events & facilitating plant sales through social media. In addition the storefront, the business also offers plant interior styling to companies & homes, plant consultations, & plant rentals.

As The Oglewood Avenue team planned for their grand opening, they knew they would need to limit the number of people that could be inside the Modern Houseplant Boutique at once, which meant that some customers would be staying outside on the brisk October day while they waited their turn to enter.

Oglewood Avenue's storefront

What more delightful way to treat customers & keep them warm than to offer them some powerful, super fresh coffee? That's where we came into the plans. A mutual friend introduced us to Jade via Instagram, & after a few emails, & a quick face-to-face meeting we had a plan.

All Refill Coffee Cart needs to be fully functional is a relatively flat space to part our Cart & access to an electrical outlet. Oglewood Avenue was easily able to provide both of those things, so we stationed our Cart outside so that those waiting in line to enter the boutique could have a coffee, &/or that those exiting the store could visit the Cart without creating a bottleneck or large cluster of people.

Refill Coffee Cart serving outside of Oglewood Avenue

During our conversations with Jade we learned that some of her favorited caffeinated drinks are Vanilla Lattes & Chai. So, we took that information & created a drink to pay homage to Jade's favorite flavors & the grand opening & called it the Oglewood Avenue Latte. This is a drink that we only served at Oglewood Avenue & the only drink that we've created that incorporates edible leafs.

The Oglewood Avenue Latte, created by Refill Coffee Cart

It was exciting to see how much enthusiasm that this area has for Jade's ideas, Oglewood Avenue & houseplants in general. We were proud to be part of such an eventful day & loved getting to create a drink just for the occasion.

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