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Staff Appreciation at 2 Summit Medical Group Locations

Refill Coffee Cart's Caffeinated Catering at Summit Medical Group
Summit Medical Group brings Refill Coffee Cart's Caffeinated Catering to 2 of it's office locations

We got to work with Summit Medical Group on providing some members of their staff a treat via our Caffeinated Catering service.

We talked through all of the details with one of Summit's supervisors so that we could plan to make sure everyone got a drink with a quick turnaround, so that the staff could promptly continue taking care of patients, & progress through their other responsibilities.

Refill Coffee Cart at Summit Medical Group
Refill Coffee Cart's Caffeinated Catering visits Summit Medical Group's Deane Hill Location

At Summit's Deane Hill location, due to how the main entrance & the parking lot are designed, it was important for us to not block the main doors, walkways, or take up parking spots. All of our Coffee Carts are designed to take up minimum space, so we were able to serve from the side of the building, where the staff could have easy access to it, but we wouldn't interfere with any coming & going from the office. We served around 100 drinks to the Deane Hill team during the morning, & then went right back to our kitchen space to prepare for the next day's visit to Summit's Northshore Drive location.

Refill Coffee Cart visits Summit Medical Group's Northshore location
Refill Coffee Cart brings Caffeinated Catering to Summit Medical Group's Northshore location

At Summit's Northshore office the set up a tent for us to serve in on the side of their building. This scenario worked really well for us, as all we need for our setup is a relatively flat surface & an electrical outlet. We served about 50 drinks for the Northshore team.

We could easily see how hard the staff at both Summit locations work to make visits to their office easygoing & helpful for their patients. It was fun for us to be able to serve them some fun, powerful drinks.


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