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Teacher Appreciation at East Knox Elementary

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A view outside of East Knox Elementary as Refill Coffee Cart wrapped up its teacher appreciation service.
Teacher Appreciation at East Knox Elementary

In September we got to meet the faculty & staff of East Knoxville Elementary as we brought our Caffeinated Catering service to them. We certainly understand that being a team member at a school is not an easy job, & there are even more difficulties to work through this year. We are rooting for the faculty & staff of East Knoxville Elementary & are thankful that we hired to serve them.

In 2019, we worked with a member of the administration of East Knox Elementary while she was working at another school. We truly enjoy working with her, & were flattered that she wanted us to visit her new team.

To prep for this particular Caffeinated Catering servicer we woke up around 3am to ensure that we were serving the freshest coffee & ingredients that we possibly can. After arriving at the school we followed all of the new safety precautions that the school has implemented, like wearing face coverings, getting our temperature taken before we entered the building, & following the directional arrows that have been placed on the school's floors. Our Coffee Carts are designed to roll through standard sized doors, so that allowed us to be able to setup inside, in a class room that wasn't being used by teachers or students.

On this particular day, faculty & staff had a very challenging schedule, so all of their orders were submitted to us the day before, along with a general time of when everyone will be able to pick up their drinks. As soon as we got our equipment warmed up, protective shield in place, & disposable gloves on we started preparing the drinks. As we finished making the drinks we placed each one on a table, 6 feet away from our Coffee Cart, in front of a Post It Note with the name of the person who ordered the drink on it.

In order to serve all of the faculty & staff, we made drinks for approximately 4 hours. We enjoyed spending the morning with this team & showing them a lot of appreciation.


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