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2 Of Our 3 Founders Are Married. Did You Know That?

Our marriage is built on coffee and cookie cake. Our very first date was to a coffee shop. The invitee (Amy) loved the idea of a coffee date because it was cozy and familiar. The inviter (Adam) picked coffee because it was a quick and easy “out” if the date started to go bad. We didn’t need the “out,” however, because the date lasted for three hours until the coffee shop closed.

By date number four, we found out we were both obsessed with cookie cake, and our fate as a couple was sealed. Ever since those first few dates, coffee has been a huge part of our relationship. We still go on weekly coffee dates. Two years ago, we started following a mobile coffee bike on Instagram and dreamed about starting our own mobile coffee cart someday. Coffee is so important to us that we started a monthly coffee night to deepen relationships with our friends. From those relationships, we built this business.

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