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Iced Orange Lighting Recipe: Cold Brew, Orange Simple Syrup, & a Splash of Chai Tea

We made this smooth treat when we had 1 orange in the refrigerator, & didn't exactly want to eat it before it went bad.

The first step we took was to make orange simple syrup.

  • Start boiling a small pot of water. Small, like 12oz-ish.

  • Peel the orange

  • Put the orange peels in the boiling water

  • Add 1 cup of sugar to the boiling water

  • Leave the orange peels, & sugar, in the boiling water for 5 minutes

  • After 5 minutes, let the boiling water, orange peels, & sugar cool off. Once it all cools, you'll have your sweet, orange simple syrup

  • Get a glass, we used a 12oz glass for a single serving, fill it 1/2 way full with our cold brew coffee, & as much ice as you prefer

  • Add a splash of chai tea to the cold brew

  • Pour your orange simple syrup over the cold brew

Don't forget about the actual orange, there's no need to waste it. You can slice it up, & garnish your glass with it. If you want drop some orange slices in your drink, that extra citrus-y-ness might balance the sweetness of the orange simple syrup. Or, you know, you can just eat the orange, oranges are very tasty.

If you want to see a video of us making this drink for the first time you can see it on our Instagram, & TikTok profiles.



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