Thanking clients in a fun, safe environment in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In September we provided our first Caffeinated Catering service in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Refill Coffee Cart providing a treat for a client appreciation event in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

. We set up near Warehouse Row alongside representatives from CBI, Moore Solutions, OFS, Spartan Surfaces, Tarkett Home, CF Stinson, Arc-Com Fabrics, Southern Lighting Source, SESCO Lighting Inc., LightArt, J+J Flooring, Interface, 3form, Creative Support Services, RSreps, Alliance Design, N2 Lines, & WIT Contract.

This group of representatives organized an Architectural Trunk Show so that they could safely visit with their partners & offer local students an opportunity to learn about their companies, product lines, & updates in their professions.

Refill Coffee Cart serving in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Architectural Trunk Show was held outside, socially distancing was observed & face covering were worn to make it a safe environment or everyone during the pandemic.

Working within these guidelines is appreciated & easy for us. In order to serve in an outdoor setting all we need is a relatively flat surface & a source for electricity. On this day, a member of the OFS team provided us with a small, gas generator that provided more than enough power to run our espresso machine & blender.

Refill Coffee Cart serving in Chattanooga, Tennessee

During the Trunk Show, representatives set up tent spaces that highlighted products & information about their companies. Partners & students were invited to come get their coffee from our Coffee Cart, made to their specifications, as a treat they could enjoy as they walked from tent to tent.

We served from 8:30a to 12:30n, which allowed us to provide coffee to those who needed a caffeinated boost first thing during their work day, or as added momentum to carry them into their lunch breaks & afternoon meetings.

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